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PICOBOO is a novel, innovative randomised clinical trial being conducted across multiple Australian sites that investigates the effectiveness and safety of different COVID-19 vaccination strategies. This trial is designed to generate high-quality evidence to inform COVID-19 immunisation practice.

Whilst COVID-19 vaccines are approved for use in Australia to protect against COVID-19, there remains many unanswered questions about the best vaccination strategies.

These include: How does vaccination impact on different aspects of the immune system? How long does immunity last? Does the optimal boosting strategy differ depending on age and previous receipt of COVID-19 vaccines?

The PICOBOO study, led by the Telethon Kids Institute, involves a collaborative team, including doctors, clinical researchers, laboratory specialists and policy makers. This trial is supported by the COVID-19 National Consumer Reference Group.

Ethics Approval

This project has been reviewed and approved by the Children and Adolescent Health Service Ethics Committee (RGS0000005222).