Help find the best strategies for COVID-19 vaccine boosting in Australia by joining the PICOBOO study.

We’re researching the best strategies for COVID-19 booster vaccination to protect Australians from infection and severe disease. Join us now.

Participate in the PICOBOO study and help researchers develop the most effective, long-term strategies for COVID-19 booster vaccinations in Australia.

The PICOBOO study is now looking for young people aged 12-17 and adults aged 50 years and over who are willing to receive a COVID-19 booster and have not received a booster in the past 3 months. We’d love to hear from you. Click here for more info.

While booster vaccines are approved for use in Australia to protect us against COVID-19, many unanswered questions remain about the best strategies for vaccine boosting. Ongoing COVID-19 vaccine boosting is likely to be required in the future to protect against severe disease, however, it is unclear whether this will be required for all Australians or vulnerable populations or age groups. To inform future immunisation strategies, we need to better understand how booster vaccination impacts on different aspects of the immune system and how long immunity lasts.

To answer these questions, PICOBOO researchers at multiple sites across Australia are working together to conduct a clinical trial to generate high-quality evidence to inform vaccine practice and policy in Australia.

For further information about the study, please click here.